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Here’s what some of our residents are saying…

"After investigating five retirement communities, The Village at Victory Lakes emerged as No. 1. There are wide-open spaces outdoors in lovely natural surroundings. There are no traffic hazards on the grounds. There are endless opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities and excursions. The employees and residents are most helpful and cordial. Who could ask for more?"

-  Jan O., resident for 5 years

"I am very happy living here and have made many new friends! I also think what sets this community apart from others is the staff and location."

-  Rosemary E., resident for 3 years

"Everybody is ready to help you if you need anything. There are many programs to keep you busy, and the food and atmosphere in the dining room is very good. I have made some new friends here."

-  Warren B., resident for 4 years

"I checked many retirement communities, but when I visited The Village at Victory Lakes I knew I found what I was looking for. When I think of what Victory Lakes means to me, the word "special" comes to mind. ’Special’ sums it up. This is a ’special’ place where friendship abounds."

-  Carol E., resident for 4 years

"We originally retired from Michigan and moved into a garden home to be closer to our daughter. Because of health concerns, we were able to easily downsize into an apartment in the main building. Every step of the process has been worth it. We’re close to lots of activities. I love the exercise classes, the Vocaleers, cards, you name it. Above all, we enjoy our daily meal in the beautiful dining room where the salad bar is excellent and the food is delicious. Moving here has indeed been a very rewarding experience."

-  Madeline E., resident for 3 years

"I now enjoy a relaxed and trouble-free life. I’m enjoying new and wonderful activities, and all the people are so friendly and helpful."

-  Jim H., resident for 1 year

"Here is where the fun is. We have terrific entertainment. I love to play pinochle with my wonderful neighbors and I enjoy great food with no more cooking."

-  Dorothy J., resident for 9 years

"Living here is a combination of people, places and things. Going to the movies, having dinner, playing bingo and excursions to other places all add to the comfort of Victory Lakes. Knowing the staff adds greatly to my comfort and the life-enrichment folks are super!"

-  Joe O., resident for 5 years

"I’m happy here and I can do whatever I want here."

-  Gloria P., resident for 6 years

"Here, I am complete."

-  Lorraine B., resident for 4 years

"You can’t take security for granted; something I no longer felt in my own home. Here I’m no longer afraid of being alone. I even sleep with my window open! It’s also good to have someone to eat with and chat with at dinner."

-  Dorothy K., resident for 1 year

"Taking care of a seven room house just got to be too much. It got to be a great worry whenever Harry had to get on a ladder to clean the gutters and roof of our home. Thank goodness we don’t have to do that now!"

-  Henry and Lorraine R., residents for 8 years

"In the summertime we walk along the lovely lawns and don’t have to mow them. In the fall we stroll among the changing colors and don’t have to rake the falling leaves. In the winter we hold the beauty of the snow and don’t have to shovel it. In the spring we relax with the new season and thank God for our wonderful years here."

-  Bill and Vivian R., residents for 8 years

"As the song goes ’there’s no place like home’. My place here is ’home sweet home’. Employees provide service with kindness and there’s so many good people to talk to."

-  Bernard S., resident for 4 years

"After checking out other retirement homes in the area, we found that we received the best value here. I enjoy the dining room, the social activities and the transportation. I feel like people here are like my family. They quite simply have everything here that I require and more."

-  Donald S., resident for 6 years

"Living in a garden home provides me with the best of all worlds. The grounds are maintenance-free, but if I get the urge to do some planting, I’m able to do so. So far I’ve planted hibiscus trees, clematis, bushes, roses, mums, daffodils, tulips and creeping phlox. I love watching them open up. The real bonus is I now have a built-in family of neighbors. Can’t beat that!"

-  Leo S., resident for 8 years

"I am grateful for many things at Victory Lakes. The staff is always friendly and available. The residents have become the friends I hoped I’d find. I feel totally safe here. The programs and activities planned by our social chairman make life here constantly pleasant and exciting. I am happy here!"

-  Mary T., resident for 5 years

"I’ve been here since the first year and feel it was the best move I could have made. The convenience of assisted living and continuing care as part of the plan is a plus."

-  Evelyn T., resident for 9 years

"You know what I love about living here? For once in my life, there’s never an unsolvable problem."

-  Rosemary E., resident for 3 years

"I first decided to come so I could retire from cooking. But this place offers so much more... it’s the whole package!"

-  Dorothy K., resident for 2 years

"With dining there’s no shopping, preparing or cleaning up. I just enjoy being waited on by very friendly people. The dining room is very attractive and it is a real pleasure to dine in it! The food is delicious, varied and served most attractively. There is also the country store that has those necessities that tend to run out, as well as food items that are tasty and enjoyable—soup, sandwiches, salads, cookies, sweet rolls, etc."

-  Jan O., resident for 5 years

"As you get older you naturally lose friends. Here, I have made wonderful new friends."

-  Mary W., resident for 8 years

"The area around Victory Lakes is beautiful and restful. The birds singing in the woods; they love it here too. I love watching the deer. I love sitting on my patio and conversing with people who stop by as they walk around this beautiful area."

-  Resident of The Village at Victory Lakes

"I still get out a lot, but I love getting to come home, here!"

-  Eva M., resident for 2 years

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